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Archive for September, 2020

Summary on lectures and movies

Lecture: Soviet MontageSurrealismFilms: Battleship Potemkin and/or Man with a Movie CameraUn Chien AndalouBallet McaniqueEntr’acteReading: Reading 4 reading https://docs.google.com/document/d/1B6FbiP7vesIsPgaPw2Ey_Dua_zNb8QeAaijuWTJC_BI/edit movies  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B_9ANvSzddWKdkF5a2xhUUZGUm8 lectures https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1sp4pSzJYuqzRcL2KgW-AUIWEETuz2Mms (Please,more details)

Responsible Consulting

Review the guidelines found in Table 1.1 (Organizational Development realities and misconceptions) to establish the reasoning for OD interaction. In addition, pay special attention to the criteria for determining the validity of an OD problem. Understanding the process is crucial to becoming a successful OD consultant. Watch the following videos, What Should Consultants Do? (Links […]


Summary: Develop a 6-10 page research paper on a leadership characteristic: narcissism. Purpose: The purpose of this mini-paper is to, (a) provide you with the opportunity to identify a current leadership issue of interest to you and of relevance in todays workplace, (b) help you pull together information from various sources on the current approaches […]


Use this link to answer the questions https://www.huffpost.com/entry/children-clinginess-separation-anxiety-covid-19_l_5ec42f8bc5b66aed0c277db7 Respond to the reading comprehension questions: 1.Why do children cling/attached to their parents? In addition, share if you have noticed children more attached to their caregivers during COVID-19. 2. What does the author mean when she states that some older children might ‘regress’? 3.What can parents do […]


What does a sociocultural perspective of learning and literacy add to our understanding of how children learn multiple languages?How can we expand the repertoire of texts students learning English as an additional language encounter in schools? What role does multiliteracies have in helping us reframe how children experience literacy in schools?What are your thoughts about […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

1.    Discuss the similarities and differences in the proteome profile between the LTLT-Ca and MCF7-LR cells? See Tilghman and Townley publication from 20132.    Summarize the implications of estrogen-dependent vs estrogen-independent letrozole resistance (ie., what therapeutic options are available? Is estrogen dependent resistance associated with metastasis or not?) 3.    What is the clinical significance of upregulation […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

In this module you learned that traditional methods from a bygone time may not be the best response by law enforcement in todays world.  Diversity, terrorism, mental health issues and other situations are now commonplace on our streets. Based upon what you have read and any research you find on your own, answer the following […]

1.Provide in depth reflection on how you think that telehealth can be incorporated into a Primary and Acute care practice. Give at least 1 example of each. (10 points6.Discuss how you would utilize Evidence based guidelines during this telehealth encoun

1. Provide in depth reflection on how you think that telehealth can be incorporated into a Primary and Acute care  nurse practictioctioner practice. Give at least 1 example of each. (10 points Discuss how you would utilize Evidence based guidelines during this telehealth encounter (for a patient with chronic urinary tract infections

See details

5-Hour Energy: Hours of Energy Without the Beverage Go to the textbook and look at Appendix 1: Company Cases and read A1.6: Company Case 5 Answer the questions: Using the full spectrum of segmentation variables, describe how 5-Hour Energy segments and targets the market for soft drinks.Which targeting strategy did 5-Hour Energy focus on and […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

InstructionsAfter collecting enough information about the target during Deliverable 2 (Reconnaissance and Scanning Plan), you will describe how to use that information to gain access to Haverbrook’s systems. Your one- to two-page plan on gaining access should include: details of the gaining access process in regards to the techniques commonly used to exploit low-privileged user […]

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