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Archive for May, 2022

weekly journal

write four journal – paper Choose 4 questions to answer for each journal.  There are a total of 4 journals to complete throughout this term.  Be sure that each journal is written in APA style format using at least 150-200 words per journal.  Reflect on the role as a health care advocate, provider of care, […]


THE TROLLEY PROBLEM ASSIGNMENTPlease watch the video that has been copied and pasted herein. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfIdNV22LQMNow, lets modify the hypothetical pursuant to the following; If you are the Trolley driver, and you are driving on the tracks and cannot stop, what do you do? All five (5) workers in front of you are currently inmates at […]

Begin the Capstone Paper

The final paper is a comprehensive review of a specific population group that has a specific health problem. It includes a needs assessment, data, evidence-based interventions, measurable goals and outcomes, collaboration with a care service agency/organization, and the role of the nurse as an advocate and change agent. Write the paper in APA format 7th […]

Communication Barriers Report

I need to follow the writing instructions attached. I need to answer the questions, create a table and follow the template that is in the instructions. I need to use the references attached the two main references needed are the pdf attached “barriers_Effective” and the second one is attached to the word document writing references.

Starbucks Case Analysis

Instructions Answer these Questions: 1. What is Starbucks strategy?2. Given your assessment of its competitive premise, how should it leverage its resources and capabilities to achieve its growth objective?3. How would you respond to McDonalds offer? Why? Conduct the Following Analysis: 1. Conduct Porters Five Forces analysis (industry)2. Conduct PEST analysis3. Map the value chain4. […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

1)Choose your own ethical conflict/dilemma topic from your personal life. Define and critically apply the six steps of ethical decision- making from your text, Edge, R. and Groves, J. (2018).  Ethics of health care: A guide for clinical practice. (4th Ed.).  Boston, MA: Cengage Learning page 63, to the ethical dilemma. Identify and analyze which […]

The family: Institutional Arena

1.    Give 2 examples of ways that the state (through laws, policies, etc.) affected your family when you were growing up. 2.    Give 2 examples of ways that the market (through employment, economic resources, etc.) affected your family when you were growing up.

Health care career paper = MEDICAL LABORATORY TECHNICIAN

Answer all of the areas from the document I added. Topic is Health care career paper = MEDICAL LABORATORY TECHNICIAN – Use correct spelling, grammar and syntax – Include six different sources of information (books, professional journals, articles, electronic sources, websites)it is important to add two book sources, two journals, two articles and the others […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

I’d like you to write an essay on a literary misfit. One from our readings or one from another genre/discipline. Take an argumentative approach. A strong thesis on this writer/character/ performer, etc…I extended the due date. We can go over this during class after break 🙂


critically evaluate the nature and efficacy of therapeutic interventions for PTSD and ASD and other trauma-induced psychiatric symptoms. This discussion is unique because you will find a primary research article examining the efficacy of a treatment for PTSD/ASD Find a peer-reviewed research article that discusses a behavioral OR pharmacological treatment for PTSD/ASD.  HINT:  Common psychotherapy […]

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