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Archive for the ‘Law’ Category


Consider the following: Advances in GPS technology, the proliferation of smart phones with embedded GPS, and the increasing popularity of social networking media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, have all made cyberstalking easier than ever. To protect yourself and your loved ones from this particularly dangerous form of cybercrime, its important to learn as […]

Mental Wealth – International Law: Problems and Process

* The English language is British, and this is based on UK law.* Add the OSCOLA referencing style accompanied by appropriate footnotes (See the sample Styles).* Add at least 20 references and use journals and books related to the topic.* The research report should include more than 15 UK court cases.* Follow the given Structure […]

effects that chemical and biological warfare can have on national security.

In Unit IV, we discussed the effects of chemical and biological agents. The purpose of this scholarly activity is to analyze theeffects that chemical and biological warfare can have on national security.Select one of the following biological agents or chemical agents:Ebola,ricin,anthrax,VX,sarin, ormustard agent.Based on the agent you selected, describe the capability, intent, vulnerability, and consequence […]

critical infrastructure protection resiliency plan topic

In this unit, you will select the infrastructure that will be the focus of your Unit VII Final Project, and you will begin to plan for acritical infrastructure protection (CIP) assessment in order to create a resiliency plan of that infrastructure.For the final project due in Unit VII, you will fully analyze the components listed […]


What motivated the London Attacks? How would you identify, investigate, and apprehend these terrorists PRIOR to their actions? What are you willing to give up to protect yourself, your society and your country? And when will the United States have to contend with this type of terrorist activity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EO9-WUscv2c


POST 1 You have owned a private security firm for 15 years.  You are now interested in branching out and creating a private prison.  Create a pro and con list for taking this step.  Then discuss what obstacles you potentially will face and what benefits you would glean from this endeavor. Overall from a business […]


POST 1 Hello class, Do you think a tent city approach is a viable option for addressing prison overcrowding? Explain why or why not.When I first found out about this, I loved the idea and still do. Being in the military and being deployed to multiple locations across the globe, tent cities where a way […]

M7D2: Is More Privatization of Prisons Needed?

M7D2: Is More Privatization of Prisons Needed? Module 7 Patch on the arm of the shirt that says Corrections Corporation of AmericaBefore responding to the discussion question, view the video, Criminal Justice: A Guaranteed Growth Industry (Links to an external site.) [Video File][06 Min 16 Sec]. View Segment 8 Only. Read the journal article Information […]

M7D1: Prison Overcrowding?

M7D1: Prison Overcrowding? Module 7 Opinions vary on how best to address the issue of prison overcrowding. Some think that get tough policies are essential to keeping crime contained while others think this approach simply reinforces the problem of overcrowding. As you may recall, the State of Arizona had adopted a controversial approach to handling […]

M7: Learning Reflection

M7: Learning Reflection.Learning reflections give you the opportunity to think about what you have read and written in this module, linking it to your own experience and prior learning. This exercise will help ensure that you are able to recall the information presented in this module at a later date and use it when completing […]

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