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Archive for December, 2021

The Crucible

In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, innocent people are wrongly accused of witchcraft and executed. Do you think these kinds of witch hunts still exist in our world? In other words, are people still unfairly accused and treated poorly for being different? In a well-developed essay, discuss the following: Describe three individuals and/or groups (past or […]

Political Science

Study the following two articles and write 250 words about a current problem in patent law and whether the latest change described at the end of the Jones article and in the Liptak New York Times article are likely to help solve it. I have uploaded both articles that you are supposed to use for […]

Nonprofits & Advocacy

Module 4 Paper Assignment How successful an advocacy nonprofit is in influencing policy outcomes is dependent on the following factors:– Proximity of the organizations goals to American values– Organizations capacity to win public attention and support– Ability to effect political fortunes of leaders– Good leadership– Ability to control the narrative Choose 2 advocacy nonprofits: one […]

drug abuse

Use MLA Format– Must have at least 4 sources– Must be at least 1200 words– Tell me everything about your topic – as if I have never heard of it.   Give me statistics, facts, ALL the info.– Understand your topic well – Make sure you have a well written thesis statement (a sentence that summarizes the […]

Prospects for Performance Management

This is an assignment in my MPA class! The writeup should be concise and straightforward. No need to explain/define what Performance management is! The assignment would be graded on how thoroughly it addresses the question, the depth of insight and analysis; and how well it applies and incorporates concepts and ideas from the course material […]

Why we should ban social media

Needs to be 5 paragraphs first paragraph a intro including two claims on why we should participate on the ban of social media paragraph to needs to include a claim with supporting textual evidence from articles paragraph three needs to include a Second claim with supporting textual evidence from articles paragraph for needs to have […]

Media Forum Post

Drawing on Marwan Kraidy’s “The Cultural and Political Economies of Hybrid Media Texts” and/or Chris Jordan’s Marketing Reality to the World: Survivor, Post-Fordism, and Reality Television,” discuss the ways in which media industries have attempted to create content tailored to a global audience. What is an example of a media text that does so successfully […]

Psychology concepts

Choose five concepts, theories or ideas from any of those covered in this course. Write a paper of 6-8 pages in which you explain how your five chosen concepts apply to or affected your development in life. For example, you might choose the concept of parenting styles and describe how your parents parenting style affected […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

please address the following prompt. Be sure to use research to support your ideas and include that research in APA formatted citations. Bullying is becoming a significant problem in schools and there is much debate about the best methods for reducing bullying behavior.  Discuss a potential method for reducing bullying (ex: zero tolerance policy; peer […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

1. Read and analyze the case study posted on Canvas related to this assignment. Search, reviewand select empirical research that present evidence-based practice principles studied in class. With all people, problems and strengths emerge in life. Assessing client strengths andlimitations is the foundation of effective goal setting. As you assess this family and itsmembers, take […]

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