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Archive for the ‘Websites, web programming’ Category


InstructionsQUESTION 1. Write a program that displays, validates, and processes a form for entering information about a package to be shipped from Tema Port. The form should contain inputs fields for the FROM and TO addresses for the package, the SOURCE and the DESTINATION contact number, dimensions of the package, and weight of the package. […]

php and sqlite

database has 4 tables (teachers, students, courses and performance). php needs to have user input to search 4 different things from that database. 1. count all course credits on given year2. display all studies for given user3. count average grade of given  course4. print teachers that have given most grades

simple math game javascript

I need help by programming a small math game with javascript. I already have the structure on my file that I want, but the program is not working yet. IDEA OF PROJECT1. question for an addition between 1 and 100 (random numbers)2. if correct go to subtraction between 1 and 100, if not repeat and […]


A . Create a user registration page that takes information from the user and provides clear error messages for incorrect input and use regular expressions to accept the correct input. Create the regular expressions to validate the form for: The first name and last name input as charactersA valid email addressA valid phone numberA valid […]

Event Handling

1. Using the epoch.js file we were working on in class update it for the following:a) so that a button element is clicked to update the messageb) Script tag is at the bottom of the HTML page.c) No onclick in HTML JavaScript completely separated form HTML.d) Program works from the bottom up – window.onload init […]

Complex Variables

Taking the tasks.js files, update it for the following: Clear the task added from the text input field after the task has been added to the arrayChange the task.js so that it uses join() to create a final message, instead of concatenating together multiple stringsTest the script and HTML in at least two browsers and […]

Simple Variables

Create a special calculator that reads a number from the user, checks that it is an integer and performs a series of mathematical calculations In a web page create scripts for the following scenarios. The page can have an input form or use prompt boxes to get the information from the user that is needed […]

Assignment 1

I have included a zip file with the necessary files needed to complete the assignment. The Instructions are below as well. PLEASE PROVIDE:– Screenshot of code and output– All of your .java files– All of your .class files Using the Time2.java and Time2Test.java files provided, it would be perfectly possible to represent the time internally […]

Assignment 7

Write a generic class Pair which has two type parametersF and Seach representing the type of the first and second element of the pair, respectively. Add set and get methods for the first and second elements of the pair and be sure to demonstrate your setters/getters actually work. (Hint: The class header should be public […]


Write a Python program that outputs the numbers from 1 to 100. However, if thenumber is divisible by 3, it should output Fizz instead. If the number is divisible by 5,it should output Buzz instead. If the number is divisible by both 3 and 5, outputFizzbuzz. An example output for the first 36 numbers would […]

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