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Archive for the ‘Science’ Category

Astronomy Question

  Note that each question is broken down into several sub-questions. I’ve included these sub-questions to give you more guidance on what a complete answer to the question should include. Your answers should cover all of the sub-questions. 1. Describe the major components of the solar system. What are planets and how do they compare […]


  Part 2: Use the Reports to analyze your dietary intake.  For this assignment you will use a combination of food AND nutrient analysis reports: From MyDietAnalysis you will need to access the following reports which can be accessed  by selecting the Reports tab on the top of the page.  For the purpose of this […]

Anthropology Zoo Assignment(BIOANTHROPOLOGY)

    PREPARATIONS:   4 Read the material below about primate patterns of locomotion. 4 Review the Assigned Reading on Primates and Primate Behavior.  4 Review the Prelab Reading Material from the Osteology and Locomotion Lab..   4 Read the material below about primate locomotor patterns. 4 Visit to familiarize yourself with Woodland Park Zoo (or […]

Personal Journa Entries

 12 total entries (2 per week)  Typed OR handwritten  Single OR double spaced   Discuss how your week went  Talk about your progress, challenges, success   How you are feeling  Etc 


MyPlate Part A:  How would you describe MyPlate to someone who may be unfamiliar with this tool? Name two of the healthy eating messages on ChooseMyPlate.gov Why do you feel those messages are important? Part B:  Choose one of your classmates responses to this assignment and write a short reflective response in the Discussions Area.  Please […]

More Ideas On How To Create A Powerful Application Essay

If one of your cherished dreams is to enter a college right now, you need to be ready for numerous challenges on your way to success. These challenges may be of different forms oral and written, and one of the most serious ones is writing an application essay. As any application essay may have a […]

Commercial Horticulturalist

  Instructions Informational interviews are a crucial and often overlooked aspect of networking. They are the best ways to find out about a type of occupation and make a contact. Informational interviews are person-to-person conversations that help you gain information, insight, and advice from people who are in the functional areas, industries, and companies that […]

Diet Analysis Power Point Project

Instructions This learning activity and the grade you will receive are completely dependent on the effort you put into the project in the form of a PowerPoint. Students will record 3 days of dietary intake, using a tracker analysis tool, and  provide an analysis with goals to demonstrate lessons learned.   Students are expected to put […]

Discussion I: Highlight: Metabolic Syndrome

  As the incidence of Obesity and Heart Disease continue to contribute to the top 10 reasons for Deaths in the US today, we have seen a rise in Metabolic Syndrome.   1. INITIAL POST: After reading the textbook Chapter on Lipids , Unit 4 Course Content AND the handout on Metabolic Syndrome, in 500 […]


   1. The terms germ and microbe are often used interchangeably. What comes to mind when you hear the word germ? 2. Define the term microbiome. List some examples of microbes that comprise the human microbiome. Additionally, list and discuss the two categories discussed in class and the recorded lecture videos into which the human […]

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