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Archive for the ‘Data analysis and reports’ Category

Large-scale data exploration with R

“You are provided a selection of norms for English and German across a range of variables. Thenorms rely on human judgements and/or semi-automatic extensions regarding degrees of concreteness, valence, arousal, imageability and further perception modalities. In addition, you are provided corpus-based frequency lists as well as distributional co-occurrence scores.The goal of your project is to […]

Digital Analytics – Individual Research Report

What you need to do:  Part I Data collectionWrite a Python script that harvests the tweets of the three Twitter accounts the study focuses on. Get the contents of their tweets and when they were tweeted. Write the information into a data file (an xlsx file, not a CSV file see the documentation below). You […]

R Studio

1. Consider the training examples shown in Table 3.5 page 185 of the second Edition of the text book. Compute the Gini index for the overall collection of training examples. Compute the Gini index for the customer ID attribute. Compute the Gini index for the Geneder attribute. Compute the Gini index for the Car type […]

Descion Tree

Use the outline of code we discussed in class to create a decision  tree for the IrisDataSet which predicts the Type column using the other attributes. Create three versions of this tree: one using entropy, one using the Gini coefficient, and one using the Classification error as splitting criteria. Use the first half of the […]

Office Supply Store Data Analysis

An office supply store tests a telemarketing campaign to its existing business customers. The company targeted approximately 16,000 customers for the campaign. Assume you are a consultant brought on board to help the company leverage and use the findings from the tests to its advantage. Refer to the accompanying spreadsheet, which contain the results of […]

Python Data Analytics + Tkinter GUI Visualization

I have done 80%, I need to fulfil some functional requirements. 1. The algorithm needs to change, the attributes is dynamically read from the uploaded csv file. Details I can share with you later on.2. Once the algorithm is modified successfully, I need to display the final result graph/table onto Tkinter GUI, inside a canvas […]

Twitter analysis project

Research Report – Twitter Analysis and Presentation The aim of this assignment is to collect Twitter data, summarise the data using a spreadsheet or other tool, and then write a report about that data. The purpose of the report is to investigate and discuss the use of twitter analysis by researchers, brands or journalists (depending […]

Introduction & Explanation

Produce an illustrated report that uses analysis and techniques examined during lectures and practicals to examine the distribution, variation and relationships between at least two variables from the following London data: UK Census Air Quality Roads and Parks Airbnb Another dataset for London as agreed with your lecturersThe following specific requirements apply (over and above […]

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