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Archive for the ‘Reading’ Category


  As our course comes to an end, we now can look at some of the parallels and differences between the major world religions. List some of the parallels between the major world religions. Consider geography, history, period of history, or any other factors that you can think of for this topic in your post.


   HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT #1 How we read a contract so that we can understand what is being said ?  It has everything to do with knowing the language of the music business. It is not a foreign language. You are probably familiar with many of the words. HOW the words are USED IN THE MUSIC […]

Reflection #7

Write a Discussion post reflecting on your past experiences as they relate to the learning outcomes of this course. 1.  Research the stated Learning Outcomes of this ORGL course. Briefly list/describe the outcomes in your response. The Learning Outcomes of this course are listed below:  describe past experiences that involved learning  analyze past events and […]


Remember, that the purpose of this discussion is not to answer my initial or follow-up questions. The purpose is to engage with the assigned readings and integrate them with other ideas and into your daily (or future) practice. Please do use terminology from the assigned readings, cite the textbook with at least an in-text citation […]

Assimilation Notes

Part 1: Native Americans Forced Assimilation Instructions: Watch the video ( https://www.vox.com/2019/10/14/20913408/us-stole-thousands-of-native-american-children) to get a history of assimilation in theUS. Then answer the following questions.  1.What was the purpose for the forced assimilation of Native Americans?  2.Name two strategies the US used to assimilate Native Americans and explain how each of these strategies worked. Part […]


Pay attention to the following terms as you read the Introduction and chapter 1 of Tatum’s book.  – Prejudice – Cultural racism – Internalized oppression (or internalized racism) – Systemic racism (or “racism as a system of advantages based on race”) – Active racism – Passive racism – Active anti-racism Provide a brief definition for […]

Fine Arts Paper Fonte

   PART 1: QUESTION & ANSWER 10 pts Choose one visual artist that was BORN after January 1, 1900, from your book and answer the six questions below. CRITERIA: INELIGIBLE artists include filmmakers (including animators), performance artists, actors, graphic designers, craft artists, and architects. Artist works should be in visual media such as painting, sculpture, […]

Need A Response To This Post With References

  HIV Clinics in Kentucky: Case Study 7.2 Geographic information systems (GIS) store, analyze, and visualize data for geographic positions on Earths surface (GISGeography, 2016). Because viewing and analyzing data on maps impacts our understanding of data, we can make better decisions using GIS (GISGeography, 2016). GIS also has layering capabilities that facilitate interactivity (Fleming, […]

SunPower Case

Take a look through this case then work through the attached worksheet for the Simulation. Write about your experiences here. You can follow the template in the worksheet or you can create a synthesis. Come back at least 2 days later and post a followup.


Course: Fundamentals of public safety management Book: Public Administation in the new century: A concise Intro By Jeffrey D Greene Write a seven (7) page paper addressing the three most important lessons learned (the weekly take away lessons) that you have learned in this course. Provide a minimum of seven (7) references using APA 6th […]

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