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Archive for the ‘Social Science – Philosophy’ Category

Is The Cry It Out Method Good For Babies?

Analyzing Reasoning on Both Sides This final writing assignment allows you to present an analysis of the best reasoning on each side of your issue. In the process, you will get to demonstrate some of the key skills you have learned during this course. In particular, you will demonstrate the ability to create high-quality arguments […]

Philosophy – 750 words essay (please read all the attached files)

      Write an essay of about 750 words, double-spaced, Time New Roman 12.  Structure your essay in response to all the questions in the same sequence.  (please read all the attached files) This essay is not looking for your opinion, but please justify your argument. 

Philosophical Essay Outline

  Assignment Instructions Goal: Students will create a detailed outline of your Philosophical Essay due in two weeks. Details: You will pick one of the following topics only to do your paper on: 1.  According to Socrates, must one heed popular opinion about moral matters?  Does Socrates accept the fairness of the laws under which he […]

Philosophy- Ethical Reasoning

Read Chapters 2, 10, 22, and 23 in Exploring Ethics (“Morality and Moral  Philosophy”, by William Frankena; “The Nature of Moral Disagreement”,  by Charles L. Stevenson; “Famine, Affluence and Morality” by Peter  Singer; and “A Reply to Singer”, by Travis Timmerman; pages, 2-5, 71-77,  151-165 in Cahn, fifth edition) .  Then write a one page […]

Your initial post(s) should be your response to the questions posed in the discussion question. You should research your answer and cite at least one scholarly source when appropriate, and always use quality writing.

 Peggy McIntosh stated, “White privilege is like an invisible weightless knapsack of special provisions, assurances, tools, maps, guides, codebooks, passports, visas, clothes, compass, emergency gear, and blank checks. (Harvey & Allard, 2014, p29).  Others see advantages to success rooted in dominant culture privilege rather than white privilege.  In other words, the more a person adopts the […]

Help me

Christian servant leaders profess to serve those whom they lead through love and the moral obligation to promote the greater good of others. What leadership behaviors would you expect from a Christian servant leader and how might those behaviors differ from someone who is not a servant leader. Also, although servant leadership is often associated […]

Proposal for final paper

  Assignment Instructions Goal: The goal of this assignment is to get the student started on the Final Paper, with feedback from the Instructor. Course Objectives:  Create a framework for developing ones own ethical and moral philosophy. Description: This assignment is a proposal for the Final Paper with an annotated “bibliography.”  This proposal should include an ethical […]

Platos Republic is an attempt to create a Utopian civilization in which no citizen will ever wrong another. One of the key components of his utopia is an extreme censorship of poetry, particularly of the stories of Homer and Hesiod.

n this section, introduce the problem. Explain Platos rules regarding poetic censorship. What does he want to censor and why? What needs to be removed from poetry and why? What kind of poetry is acceptable? What are his rules for good poetry? In this section, choose a passage from the Iliad that we have read […]

Legalizing sports gambling

   Final presentation – statement about the topic – talk about how it is connected to your main academic discipline (or the one that primarily informs the paper) – comment on which particular theories, concepts, methods, research, perspectives of your discipline – how you tied in one or more other disciplines in your discussion, either […]

Activity for bullshit

The purpose of this activity is for you explore how much bullshit you encounter. To do so, you will need to build a bullshit inventory (BSI) that captures all of the bullshit that you encounter over the duration of 10-14 days. The idea is to make note of each bit of bullshit that you see, […]

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