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Archive for the ‘12 Times New Roman’ Category


1.Why might a biologist be interested in comparing the amino acid sequence of proteins between two different species?  What differences might she find when comparing species that are distantly related or closely related?  Explain.2.Trans-fatty acids are a type of unsaturated fat.  Most trans-fats consumed today are industrially created as a side effect of partial hydrogenation […]

The Danger of a Single Story

I have 2 topics here. I just need a short answer for each. Thank you very Much. I will post the instructions.This assignment asks you to reflect on your experience with a stereotypes, or what Adichie calls “Single Stories.” Directions: After watching Adichie’s TED Talk, please write a bit about your experience(s) with a single […]

Sociological -The study design

For Step 1, choose a topic of sociological interest. Be sure to include why you chose the topic and why it would be interesting to sociologists. So, don’t just choose something obvious like “Cigarettes and health.”  Everybody already knows about that. Choose something that merits actually doing research. Remember, sociologists are interested in the relationship […]

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