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Archive for February, 2021

Planning Exercise

Ultimately, a volunteer coordinator or manager strives to produce a successful event by making the best use of what is available to his or her organization. Mobilizing volunteers to assist existing staff is only one part of the equation. Planning where and when the event will take place, who will participate including staff, volunteers, and […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Read the following journal article: Garner, J., Humphrey, P. R., & Simkins, B. (2016). The business of sport and the sport of business: A review of the compensation literature in finance and sports.International Review of Financial Analysis,47, 197-204. Write a 3-page paper with the following components: 1. Introduction 2. Based on the reading:    a. […]

evidence to improve nursing practice

Select and describe one of the conclusions from the required article (UPLOADED)  that you found interesting and applicable to practice. Describe how you would apply the evidence to improve nursing practice. Explain your answer. Discuss ways you would disseminate research-based evidence; how would you share with your peers? Include your thoughts on why it is […]

creative process

Please use the links below to answer the following questions: Please don’t just quote things from the textbook but explain With this link read pages 21-43 about the creative process (it will help you answer the questions)http://golshanlc.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Creativity-in-the-Classroom.pdf Use these links for extra support:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zl0R1uJ62xo https://www.masterclass.com/articles/how-to-improve-creativity%23the-5-stages-of-the-creative-process The questions: 1. The materials for this week discuss the stages […]

Event Template

Preparing for a sponsored event so that it can be successfully executed is the primary focus for a volunteer coordinator.  Every aspect of the event and where volunteer versus paid staff would best fit and serve must be examined. Additionally, based on the level of participation, the number of participants, and skill sets, a projected […]

critial thinking

Read The Case for Torture” by Michael Levin. Specify the following: Issue- Conclusion- Reasons- *Fallacies- Types of Evidence (intuition, personal experience, analogies, case examples, authorities, research studies, etc.); Identify the types of evidence used, how the author used them, and judge each piece’s quality (good, fair, poor) and why

research essay

Please respond to the following: “Thoroughly identify and explain the purpose of FEMAs Comprehensive Preparedness Guide 101 (CPG v2), its recommendations for Basic Plan Structure(s), and the benefits of a unified planning template.  Provide examples of how jurisdictions have successfully implemented CPG compliant plans.”

Healthcare Emergency Managmenet

No cover page necessary. Just content for the paper. Case Study Questions:  In 1918 almost 675,000 people in the US died from that flu, as of this writing the US has 485,000 deaths from Covid-19. Considering that before this pandemic has past the United States will have lost at least 500,00 people to this virus, […]

Changes in older adults

describe at least 3 common cognitive changes and 3 common physical changes in older adults. Then you will identify and explain the roles social, spiritual, work, and family factors play in late life. Finally, you will compare and contrast clinical depression with the sadness associated with the normal losses of aging

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Describe a situation that would trigger a medical insurance claim. Describe the path taken to resolve the insurance claim and any time periods that must be met in resolving the claim. Why do you think these specific time frames are important? Be sure to support your statements with logic and argument, citing any sources referenced

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