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Archive for the ‘Criminal Justice’ Category

Science and the Courts Presentation

Prepare a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation in which you discuss the following:The role that the behavioral sciences plays in a criminal investigationThe requirements necessary to obtain expert witness designation and acceptance of expert witness testimonyCourt rules with regard to the acceptance of evidence and testimony related to the behavioral sciencesThe areas of forensic […]

Mock Behavioral Health Research Paper

Select a serial murder case from the following list for review:John Wayne GacyJack the RipperWayne WilliamsJeffrey DahmerHerman MudgettRichard RamirezGary RidgwayAileen WuornosEd GeinDavid BerkowitzHamilton Howard “Albert” FishTed BundyAnalyze the case to identify specific psychological characteristics and patterns that might be inferred about the individual. Document your findings in a 1,350- to 2,100-word paper that includes the […]

Explore and Critique a Needs Assessment and Managerial Strategies

In order to fully explore this important concept, we will return to our selected department or governmental agency. Develop a comprehensive paper on your departmental or entitys needs assessment and management strategies by identifying and analyzing human and non-human resources, including capital projects, technology, and facilities. Provide major justifications or rationales for capital project needs. […]

Assess Ethical Issues and Research Methods within Public Budgetary Procedures

Develop a comprehensive paper that examines the budgetary policies and procedures of your selected department or governmental entity. Be sure to include the following: Provide the micro- and macro-level trend-lines of revenue and expenditure for the last 3 fiscal years.Assess the accuracy of these figures to the best of your ability (support your assessment by […]

Application 4

**This assignment may not be resubmitted** For this exercise, I am asking you to refer to a real life case of government misconduct that affected the lives of  thousands of juveniles and their families. CASE: Kids for Cash scandal You can learn about this story by going to the links below. Go to all links: […]

Topic selection

brief overview of the policy you chose: Its date of implementation, if known. What is its nature? Who is bound by this policy? Why is there a need for this policy? In your opinion, is this policy necessary? Should it be changed or even eliminated? Based on the five theoretical models given by Freiberg and […]

Forensic Science in the 21st Century

Prepare a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper on your perception and concept of forensic science in 21st-century criminal justice. Include a discussion of the following questions: How important is forensic science to policing and criminal investigations, court processes, and security efforts at various levels? Explain your rationale in a historical approach.How accurate is the popular media […]

Examine the Budget Process

Evaluating the budget process must begin with an organizational assessment. Only then can you effectively assess if funds are allocated towards fulfilling key organizational goals. Develop a paper that provides a basic background portfolio on a specific organizational department or a local governmental entity of your choice. Be sure to include the following information: Mission […]

Factors Influencing Criminal Justice

Write a 850-1250,word paper in which you evaluate liability, accountability, and economic impact in concert with discretionary authority exercised by personnel in the criminal justice system. Be sure to answer the following question in your paper: What role does a civilian oversight committee have in ensuring authoritative powers are not abused as it applies to […]

Paper 1 Topic selection

You will select a high profile, contemporary criminal case of your choosing and submit it to your instructor for approval. (Aaron Hernandez case) The essence of this assignment is to address the issues, legal considerations, and concepts that arise from initial investigation through adjudication of the case. The case must incorporate all aspects of the […]

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