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Archive for the ‘Management’ Category


responding to other student post the discuss The key things you have learned from the other student’s answer,The professional lessons you can take from considering both your answer and the other students answer, how you can apply these in your professional life, and why these things are important to you professionally, andThe personal lessons you […]

Case 22

Writing Requirements The Essay must be 5 pages long. Please answer the questions in paragraph format. Paper must have an introduction with a clear thesis statement, a body discussing the three main points and a conclusion.Conduct research to find relevant information using reliable sources to support your views. (Use at least 2 academic books and […]

Case 9. Lululemon Athletica, Inc. in 2016: Can the Company Get

Writing Requirements APA format, 34 pages in length (excluding cover page, include abstract, and 3-4 reference list. Answer the following questions in paragraph form, each question should have a response of 4-5 sentences. 1. How strong are the competitive forces confronting lululemon in the market for performance-based yoga and fitness apparel? Do a five-forces analysis […]

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