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Archive for the ‘High School’ Category


Activities: 1. MidTerm – Java program Create a new Project in Netbeans. Use the following naming convention for the project: lastname_MidTerm . Example: smith_MidTerm Add your name, course number, and Assignment number to the top of all classes as a comment Document all functionality using comments Variables must be declared either at the top of […]


Part 4Last week, a disk containing CSM Tech Publishing’s current project manuscripts crashed. Fortunately, there was a backup, but all files that had been added or changed that day were lost. A new disk had to be purchased for overnight delivery, and the data had to be restored. Several days of work time were lost. […]


PART 1You’re installing a new network for CSM Tech Publishing, a new publisher of technical books and training materials. There will be 10 client computers running Windows 10, and CSM Tech Publishing plans to run a web-based order processing/inventory program that for now is used only by in-house employees while they’re on site. CSM Tech […]

Visio Assignment

After reviewing Appendix C of Hands-On Database, use Visio to re-create one of the E-R diagrams provided in Appendix F of Database Design for Mere Mortals. Please note that the symbols used in Visio are not identical to those used in Database Design for Mere Mortals. You should create your diagram using symbols with similar […]

Scenario Activity

Vince Roberts runs a vintage record shop in the University district. His shop sells 45s, LPs, and even old 76 RPM records. Most of his stock is usedhe buys used vinyl from customers or finds them at yard sales and discount storesbut he does sell new albums that are released on vinyl. For a couple […]

Add some Java code

I put together a very simple base program on code.org, I just need some code added to meet the task criteria – essentially an Action Listener and some algorithm such as: if button-x is clicked followed immediately by button-y then directed to page which says “correct”, else gets sent to a page that says “incorrect”. […]

Coding Problem

These links are the two assignments you can do, if they don’t work for what ever reason, please do any other two assignments that are level 8 on the website.https://www.codewars.com/kata/57e92e91b63b6cbac20001e5/train/javahttps://www.codewars.com/kata/55ca77fa094a2af31f00002a/train/javaComplete the code and include comments with //’s on how it was done, please and thank you.

Programing Project

Due to the three parts to this assignment, if accepted, I’ll release the first half of payment when part 1 of this assignment is finished. The project has three parts.  All three classes are to be worked within the starter code provided for you. The starter code that is mandatory for this has been included […]

An android communication app

An android communication app with with three users (co-ordinator,teacher,parent) and an administrator( hostel administrator). The administrator should be able to select a particular student from a database of students and send a message( text/doc/video/image) to that student’s parent/teacher/coordinator.A two-factor authentication for the admin to strengthen the security App should be scalable and extensible More details […]

E-Learning videos

We have to make 5 videos each video has to be more than 2 minutes it has to be you teaching something. I will have to put my voice in it and I will do that but I just need u to make the videos for me for my idea Ill be teaching KG students […]

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