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Archive for the ‘Social Sciences’ Category

Complexity Thinking

In this thesis, the writer has to start off explaining Climate Change as a wicked problem. Then the writer talks about two specific approaches our society is trying to ‘solve’ climate change. The first attempt to tackle climate change was Kyoto Protocol and currently now it is the Paris Agreement. It is important to explain […]

What is sociology and the sociological perspective?

What is sociology and the sociological perspective?  What do you see are some of the most important uses of sociology?  What is meant by the nature vs. nurture debate in the social sciences?  Describe and compare and contrast functional theory, conflict theory, and symbolic interactionism.  Who are the major contributors (theorists) to each theory?  Which […]

Research in the social sciences

Length: 1000-1200 wordsFormat: APA (Refer to the style guidelines presented in the appendix of the textbook)Sources: 8 or more scholarly, peer-reviewed sources found through the UF Library (NOT Google or Google Scholar). You will already have 5 sources from your annotated bibliography(I ATTACHED IT FOR YOU). These can be used. You need to add 3 […]

Difficult Heritage Management.Salve Heritage,Indigeous Heritage and Colonia Heritage(Black live matters)

Read the all attached articles comprehensively and thorougly. For the uploaded pdf book.. lYou need to show that you have fully understood the main facts of the assigned articles in your discussion questions.You will also have to show the unserstading of the related topic(Difficult Heritage). After reading the assigned arcicles,Raise three discussion question for the […]

Immigration Borders

The instructions are as follows. This is also based off an outline already made. That is attached below. a. Write a 7-8 page paper (not including references) that includes the followingi.    Introduction with argument (including an abolitionist approach to sanctuary). Sample argument: In this paper, I argue that a segment of media representation of immigrants […]

ACA Practice

You will be writing using APA (American Psychological Association) format for your papers in this course. This is also the format to comply with the department guidelines.  You will tutor yourself through this assignment on some very basic but important aspects of APA that need to be used in your papers. You can look an […]

Social Work

Social Worker Values and Ethical Standards and Self-Awareness 3 pagesDiscuss the values and ethical standards of the social work profession.Reflect upon social worker values and ethics compatibility with your own values and perspectives of life and people.Highlight two or three values that you identify or struggle with and tie them to some of the ethical […]

Social Work in Education

Complete the worksheet by discussing social workers in the fields of education and criminal justice. Be sure to support your content with research and to cite your references below for each Part.Part I: Social Work in EducationIn schools within United States, there are numerous problems that social workers attempt to address. Choose seven of the […]

Divorce Issues

For this project you will be analyzing how the media depicts families in terms of race, class, and gender or other dimensions of inequality.You will write a formal 8-10 page paper. Your paper should be well organized and provide a thoughtful analysis. In your paper you will provide your analysis of the situation comedy or […]

Civic Learning 2

PaperTo report your research, findings and recommendations, you will write a roughly 6 pages including an introduction and conclusion, and organized around the steps above, presenting, analyzing and proposing a solution to the issues related to the site you visited. Your paper should include the following: Describe the location and problem(s) you encountered in depth. […]

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